Cambridge Traders and Residents Unite (CAMTRU) formed in October 2016 from a group of businesses and residents who opposed the proposed peak time congestion control points in Cambridge.

We formed to give everyone a united voice in the hope that together we are stronger and our voices louder.

CAMTRU is a confederation of businesses, associations and residents that will continue to come together to work on issues that may affect all of Cambridge.

Separately our associations continue work on matters that are close to them and as CAMTRU we come together on issues that are close to us all.

CAMTRU is a non political group.

If you wish to join CAMTRU and become part of the "voice" for Cambridge on issues that may affect us all, please email us chair@camtru.co.uk.

You can get updates on CAMTRU news via our facebook page. We welcome anyone and everyone!